Gene Synthesis Service

100% sequence guarantee–Gene Synthesis service

With nearly 20 years of in-house production of raw materials (phosphoramidite, reagents and solvents), oligo synthesis, molecular biology research reagent production experience, Bioneer now offers a complete custom gene synthesis service including sequence design, codon optimization, synthesis, cloning and sequencing.

Gene synthesis is the most cost effective way to enhance your research. In as little as 2 weeks, you can have your Gene cloned in hand and 100% sequence guaranteed. And with Bioneer’s great pricing it can cost less to order a synthetic gene from us than to buy all the kits and reagents necessary to PCR, ligate, clone, grow, purify and sequence your gene of interest. If you like, our free codon optimization will increase protein expression rates and can enhance protein function. In addition our optimization can make previously un-clonable sections of DNA easy to work with. Send us your sequence, Gene ID or an accession number. Let us know what you need and we will deliver!

Bioneer also offers mutagenesis as well as cloning and subcloning services. Bioneer strives to provide the highest quality synthetic genes at a great price. Our goal is to always provide you with the best value for your research dollar.

With high throughput DNA synthesis facilities around the world, Bioneer’s daily capacity is unsurpassed. Bioneer is unrivalled in its ability to address the needs of our customers: Whether you need one gene, or one hundred. We respond to your needs–personally.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% Sequence Guarantee: Individual synthetic genes are confirmed by Sequencing
  • Codon Optimization - Free of charge!: Complimentary codon optimization to enhance protein expression and function
  • Value Pricing: The best value for your research dollar


Antibody Construction
Antibodies targeted toward specific diseases or targets can be codon optimized for maximum expression in the host organism. Also, an antibody library can be constructed to screen for the most efficient antibody variant.

Organism Production Optimization
Optimize expression of genes related to resource production to maximize industrial biological production efficiency.

Gene Construction
Get difficult-to-clone DNA sequences easily and enhance the quality of your research by constructing hypothetical genes.

Protein Modification
Codon optimization can increase protein expression efficiency, and a mutant library derived from this process can yield proteins with increased function. Optimizations include secondary structure removal, and repeat reduction as well as organism optimizations.

Schematics of Gene Synthesis Process

Technical Support


Gene synthesis Service

Q1. What does Bioneer provide in the Gene Synthesis Service?
We provide 100% sequence-matched gene to our customers in a short time! We have a large capability of oligomer synthesis through "HT-oligo™" oligonucleotide synthesizer developed by our own technology. That advantage in oligo synthesis, along with strong background in molecular biological, makes it possible to generate your gene-of-interest with superior quality in an economical way.
Q2. What is the difference between oligo synthesis and Gene Synthesis?
Oligo synthesis means "chemical" synthesis of DNA. Gene Synthesis also includes a step of oligo synthesis, but it contains additional steps such as analysis of sequences to be synthesized, design and mixing of oligos, ligase chain reaction, PCR and cloning of synthesized gene into a vector.
Q3. What Gene Synthesis services Bioneer provide to us?
We provide Gene Synthesis, Mutagenesis, Gene Cloning, and Gene-to-Protein Service.
Q4. What are the applications of Gene Synthesis?
Gene Synthesis could be used as useful upstream method of various applications. They include antibody construction, organism production optimization, gene construction, protein modification, point mutation, and gene cloning.

Technical Support for Gene Synthesis FAQ

Q1. What is the maximum length of gene can be synthesized?
There is no limitation in its length virtually, but it may take longer time than expected if length is >3 kb.
Please contact Bioneer's Gene Synthesis Team for further discussion about it.
Q2. Is it possible to generate new vector of gene (form of circular DNA)?
Yes, it is. But it should be noted that pricing and/or working period will be different from that of linear DNA synthesis, because special procedures could be applied.
Q3. What is the final form product provided to me in Gene Synthesis Service?
Your gene of interest will be given as an insertion into our vector, either pGEM-B1 (standard) or pGEM-B2 (in case of toxic gene) vector, in 2~5 µg of lyophilized plasmid DNA form.
Q4. Why additional price/more working period could be applied in case of higher/lower GC contents, tandem repeats, inverted repeats, and/or homo-polymeric sequence?
PCR is the most popular way to be used for Gene Synthesis. But the existence of repeated sequence or other barriers often prevents success of Gene Synthesis through PCR. In that case design of more or alternative experimental procedures should be required, which result in additional pricing.
Q5. Is it possible to clone my gene-of-interest into the vector I choose?
Yes, you can also use Bioneer's Gene Cloning Service. Please fill out everything in the third sheet of our standard order form and email it to You will get discount of pricing if you use Gene Synthesis Service and Cloning Service simultaneously.
Q6. Is it possible to do codon optimization with my gene-of-interest?
Yes. Please choose "Yes" and write exact species in the codon optimization field of our standard order form.
Q7. What codon optimization program will be used?
We are using the codon optimization program which has been developed by Bioneer and KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) together.

Technical Support for Cloning & Mutagenesis Service

Q1. What should I provide for Gene Cloning Service from Bioneer?
You need to send the following materials;
1)a vector for cloning (plasmid DNA; 150~200 ng/µl, >10 µl volume), and
2)DNA templates (50 ng/µl, >10 µl volume) which will be used as an insert,
through FedEx to the following address;

8-11 Munpyeongseo-ro, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, 306-220, South Korea

Please let us know if you do not have a vector for cloning. We will purchase that vector from its provider for your project, and pricing of that vector will be added to the final quotation.
Q2. Is it possible to increase quantity of vector with the cloned gene?
Yes. Five days and $100 of additional charge will be added per increase of 100 µg of vector.
Q3. Is directional cloning possible?
Yes. Five days and $50 of additional charge will be added to the final quote.
Q4. Can I change gene sequence after my service started?
You may change part of your sequence anytime before we complete your order. If that change occurs, you may be charged $50 (less than 9 bp in either 5’- or 3’- end) or $100 (less than 20 bp inside the gene).
Please contact us as soon as you need to change the sequence.
Q5. How much do I have to pay if I cancel my order?
You will be charged 50% of your quotation price, if you cancel your order within 5 days after you receive confirmation of order email from Bioneer. After 5 days of confirmation email, 80% of your quotation price will be charged.
Q6. How can I resuspend my gene product? What would be the best storage condition?  
You can add 20 µl of distilled water or TE buffer to the delivered DNA, with the final concentration of 250 ng/µl.
We recommend the solubilized DNA to be incubated at 4 °C for 10 min before use. You can store the DNA at room temperature in its lyophilized form. For long-term storage it would be recommended to put the DNA tube in -20 °C freezer.
Q7. Does Bioneer store information about my gene and its product after delivery of them to me?
We store information about your gene and its product for 6 months after delivery. If you want us to dispose it immediately after production, please contact us.