Tissue RNA PrepMateā„¢

For various type of Animal tissue samples, Phenol based solution type RNA Extraction Kit – Tissue RNA PrepMate

Tissue RNA PrepMate™ uses a modified guanidium salt-lysis method to optimally extract total RNA from tissue. The amount of extracted total RNA can differ according to the tissue or cell type, so the starting amount should be adjusted to your needs. The extracted viral RNA can be used as a template of the RT-PCR or quantitative real time RT-PCR and cDNA synthesis, cDNA library construction, Microarray.

Features and Benefits

It is extracted through the following steps; lysis, phenol:chloroform (5:1), and isopropanol precipitation. Genomic DNA contamination is minimal, even without DNase treatment. Total RNA is extracted quickly with high purity (OD260/280 > 1.8).

Experiment Time
1 hr (in case of tissue)

Sample source
Tissue, Serum, Cultured cell, Leucocyte

Northern analysis, dot blot hybridization, poly (A) selection, RNase protection assay, RT-PCR and Cloning.



Components Quantity Note
Lysis Buffer 1 ea 100 ml
Phenol/ Chloroform (5:1) 1 ea 100 ml
RNA Hydration Buffer 1 ea 10 ml
Manual 1 ea  

Northern /dot blot analysis, polyA+ selection, RNase protection assay, RT-PCR, real-time RT-PCR, cloning




Tissue RNA PrepMate™

Quality Assurance

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ISO 9001:2008 - certificate