AccuPrep® Stool Genomic DNA Extraction Kit

For various types of stool samples; a Spin column based Genomic DNA Extraction Kit – AccuPrep® Stool DNA Extraction Kit

AccuPrep® Stool DNA Extraction Kit is designed for the rapid, convenient extraction of DNA from fresh or frozen stool or other samples containing large amounts of material that can inhibit PCR. Using the spin-column method, contaminants and enzyme inhibitors (such as heparin, bilirubin bile salts, porphyrin) are eliminated and high-purity DNA is obtained, ready for use in a variety of applications.

Features and Benefits

Highly purified and high purity genomic DNA can be extracted from various type of stool samples with optimized Stool lysis buffer to remove the PCR inhibitory materials (heparin, bilirubin ).

Silica based DNA binding column with high DNA binding efficiency.



Components K-3036 (100 reactions)
Stool Lysis Buffer (SL) 50 ml X 1 ea
Binding Buffer (ST) 50 ml X 1 ea
Washing Buffer 1 (W1) 40 ml X 1 ea
Washing buffer 2 (W2) 20 ml X 1 ea
Elution Buffer (E) 25 ml X 1 ea
Proteinase K, lyophilized 25 mg X 2 ea
DNA binding column tube 100 ea X 1 pack
2.0ml tubes for filtration 100 ea X 1 pack
1.5ml tubes for elution 100 ea X 1 pack
Manual 1 ea

PCR, real-time PCR, southern blotting, SNP genotyping, pathogen characterization, etc



Experimental Data

Sample Amount Yield
Stool 100 mg 2 ~ 5 ug
Table 1. Typical Yield

Fig. 1 Gel electrophoresis of stool genomic DNA extracted by AccuPrep® Stool DNA Extraction Kit
Lane M1: Molecular weight marker, λ DNA/EcoR l + Hind lll Markers (D-1070, Bioneer),
Lane M2: Molecular weight marker, 1 kb ladder (D-1040, Bioneer),
Lane 1~3: DNA purified with Bioneer's AccuPrep stool DNA Extraction Kit.
100ng of Intact DNA (left) and Hind III (E-1721, Bioneer) enzyme digested DNA (right)

Fig. 2 PCR results of H. pylori DNA extracted with AccuPrep® Stool DNA Extraction Kit
Lane M: Molecular weight marker, 100 bp ladder (D-1030, Bioneer), Lane 1~4: PCR results for H. pylori detection


AccuPrep® Stool DNA Extraction Kit

Quality Assurance

Bioneer is the holder of Quality Management System Certificates for the following standards.

ISO 9001:2008 - certificate