AccuPower® RocketScript RT-qPCR PreMix

One-step RT-qPCR PreMix (Taqman Probe Method) – AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-qPCR PreMix, 2X Master mix is used new concept of Hotstart RT technique.

AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-qPCR PreMix (South Korea patent#: 10-2012-0024676) is a improved kits from RT reaction problem. Through this kit, you perform cDNA synthesis of your selective RNA and provide improved sensitivity from small amount of template RNA. In addition, you can get accuracy of your cDNA synthesis by performing PCR via using one-step reaction. Therefore, this is an excellent high sensitivity One-step RT-qPCR product and utilizes the several types of virus test and gene expression real time analysis experiment. Furthermore, this product is ready to use. You just add Template RNA, Primer and Probe with great reproducibility. This product included Dual-labeled Probe (such as, Florescence) and Primer set. Therefore, you can measure Ct in every cycle and monitor your gene’s real time amplification. In addition, we provide the tubes and plate that you can use not only Exicycler™ 96 but also other similar real time PCR machine. Additionally we provide 2X Master mix type for your convenient.


Features and Benefits

  • Sensitivity: You can get great result with smallest amount of your target template and high concentrated RNA product. We have wide dynamic range such as 10 ~ 1010 copies
  • Specificity: This product is idealized to get accurate target gene by using our premier Dual Hotstart RT-qPCR reaction which utilizing Pyro-Hotstart RT reaction and Hotstart PCR.
  • Multiplexing: This product can use with several different dye (Probe) so, you can use several types of target gene. Exicycler™96 Real-Time Quantitative Thermal Block From Bioneer.
  • Use of various Template RNA: You can get amazing real time RT-qPCR result since it includes RocketScript™ RTase which provide RT reaction in high temperature. So you can use various template RNA even though it has highly formed secondary structure template RNA
  • Applicable with several different types of samples: This contains various PCR inhibitors so you can use and get accurate RT qPCR result with template RNA from blood and soil.
  • Easy-to-use: This kit provides AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-qPCR PreMix (freeze and dried) or AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-qPCR Master Mix (freezed 2X Master mix) which included thermostable DNA polymerase, RTase, dNTPs and more for Real time RT-PCR performance. User only adds template RNA, Primers & Probe and DEPC distilled water in this kit.
  • Reproducibility: Under ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System, our mass produced product AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-qPCR PreMix, 2X Master mix give you great satisfactory with uniform amplified effectiveness in all your reaction tube.
Enzyme Properties

5' to 3' exonuclease activity: Yes
3' to 5' exonuclease activity: No
3’ – A Overhang: Yes
Fragment Size: -



- Gene expression profiling
- Target DNA quantification
- Microbial detection
- Viral/bacterial pathogen load determination


Storage Temperature



Experimental Data

Figure 1. High sensitivity of AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-qPCR PreMix.
Experiment with HIV target. 10 fold serial dilution of Template RNA (1010 copies ~ 10 copies spiked in Human Total RNA).

Figure 2. High specificity of AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-qPCR PreMix. Experiment with HCV target. 10 fold serial dilution of Template RNA (106 copies ~ 10 copies).
spiked in Human Total RNA.. Conventional Hotstart qPCR always generate non-specific amplification at low template concentration, which deteriorate the sensitivity of qPCR. Dual Hotstart RT-qPCR accurately amplifies target RNA without non-specific amplification, even at low concentration of template

Figure 3. PCR inhibitor (Humic acid) study using AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-qPCR PreMix.

Figure 4. PCR inhibitor (EDTA, Hemoglobin) study using AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-qPCR PreMix


AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-qPCR PreMix

AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-qPCR PreMix

Quality Assurance
Bioneer is the holder of Quality Management System Certificates for the following standards.

ISO 9001:2008 - certificate

EN ISO 13485:2003 / AC:2009 - certificate